August 2, 2017 The Foresters

An Open Letter to the Hampton Wick Community

You may have heard that we were not able to take part in this year’s Summer Fair in Hampton Wick as planned. Here’s an open letter from the landlord, Tom, explaining why:

Dear Friends and Fellow Members of the Community, 

We are sad to share a very disappointing announcement with you.

Despite our many years of involvement with the annual Hampton Wick Summer fair, we have been forced to pull out of this year’s celebrations at the very last minute.

This is due to the Council informing us that we will not be able to occupy the street space required outside the pub to host the usual food stalls, musicians and children’s entertainment that we have previously used, year after year, without any issues whatsoever.

And so we have no choice but to cancel all the previously advertised activities arranged. Instead, we will be reverting back to normal Sunday Lunch service in the restaurant and the bar.

We are so frustrated and upset by this decision and we are truly sorry that it has come to this. Throughout our 12 years in Hampton Wick, we have strived to be a community pub, bringing people together through events and taking every opportunity to celebrate the wonderful place we live in with the incredible people we share it with.

If you are as upset by this decision as we are, we would be so grateful if you could pass on your views to Rayma Khatun at Richmond Council. You can get in touch with her by emailing this address: or by calling this number: 0208 891 7338.

Although it will be difficult to watch this year’s festivities going on around us, we are determined to not let this decision dishearten us – we will be back next Summer, bigger and better than ever. We will also be looking to apply for space for an outdoor Christmas Fair at the end of this year.

We’d like to finish this letter by thanking you for your support and by offering our sincere apologies that we will no longer be sharing in this day with you, which has always been one of the highlights of our year and (we hope) for the whole of the Hampton Wick community. 

With warmest regards, 

Mr Thomas J Furber (FBII) 
Landlord of The Foresters Arms